Wealth Mindset with Digital Skills

A Good Question: Is Money created by MAN or transferred?

Money, Wealth is part of the universal gifts found within the Universe to be used by Humans, shared and distributed among Men. The belief in creating this unique source of strength and authority has been the cause of misery and poverty to the larger percentage of men, these category are known as the Poor in any community because creating wealth from nothing is the divine role of the Supreme Being. But as men we can only exchange wealth with another valuable “Wealth”.


Wealth is transferred either through Inheritance, Sales and Exchange of Values or Wages for Rendering Services etc. Those who are Rich, Affluent; the little minority that controls the wealth of the World are those who exchange valuable Resources, Material, Services, and products in exchange for Wealth.

The Designer of the Universe has done the evolvement of Natural Resources, Energy, Power, Wealth prior to the birth of Man, all what is needed from man is to discover it, explore its benefits and exchange its value for wealth or money as the case may be.


Wealth is thus exchanged, transferred however the main question here should be what value do you have to offer in exchange of Wealth?

What Skills, Knowledge, Information, Resources, Products, Documents, Audience, Authority, do you posses to exchange for wealth among men?

This question is the billion dollars question that is NEVER answered by the poor, who will always keep begging and asking for, while this same question is what the rich people wake up every day to acquire, improve upon and give to the World.

What solution do you have to bring about exchange of Wealth?

We are in the Digital Age, Information is closer than before, with the Internet of All Things, which is also free to use by those who possess the knowledge and skill, you can exchange your value in the global community, across countries and states making this transfer of wealth more rapid, easy and assessable to all.

BUT only those who have value to offer?

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