Leads equal Customers


Build your Leads, turn your leads into customers, improve your customers’ relationship to loyalty and keep earning from wherever you are.

Our world today has shown that no matter where you are, in terms of location, status, skills, capital you have the opportunity to reach out to the world with just a click of button unto the Internet. 

Leveraging the Internet of All Things (IoT) is a powerful resource to promote your valuable products and or services because knowledge has become so freely available and accessible across countries.

As Business persons, Entrepreneurs in any field, let me tell you the best way to build and scale your business is simply generating leads and building your List for service delivery while for product, generate your leads and redirect them into a sales funnel. Watch a tutorial I made on Using Getresponse Autofunnel

Lead Generation, the value I preach and solution I advocate. 


Leads are people who opted in for your service, Ideas or products. Having such list in your care gives you something like frame work, targeted population to work on and try to establish some valuable relationships.

Leads are your potential customers, even if they do not buy or purchase your products or services today, they are in your list, and you can always re-market your services to them.

Lead generation is a database of people available at your tips to interact with and convert at the time of need. 

Facebook, Google, Amazon all have database record of the world and that is why they are rich because they have found market place to offer their valuable products and render necessary services to earn more wealth. 

With your Website, Email solution, Social Media Channels you can start building your list and interact with your potential clients and working towards converting them into customers or even recurring-paying customers.

To build a list you have to set up a solution, prepare your marketing then run your traffic generation via Facebook Ads or Google Ads

To set a lead generation campaign, you may have to build a landing page with your website and integrate with email solution or just set up lead generation campaign objective with your Facebook Business Ads Account and build your list. 

I have done some series on this Check my channel Facebook series 

you can always reach out to me for more guides and value added services.

Start building and interacting with a list today  

Fetuga Mojeed Olalekan
Lead Marketer


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