How to customize your social media channels links with your website

How to Create Customized Social Media Links

Customized Links (url)

URL simply stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and is used to specify addresses on the World Wide Web. Furthermore, a URL is the fundamental network identification for any resource connected to the web (e.g., hypertext pages, images, and sound files). The protocol specifies how information from the link is transferred.

Meaning that any data (files) kept online can only be traced by identifying its url. hence, knowing how to customize your URL to improve and build your brand awareness is also important to your business.

This article intends to guide you step by step on how to re-brand your social media url in a view to promoting your business brand via your website domain link.

Reasons to Rebrand your Social Media URLs

The brand awareness is a key factor to promoting your overall marketing as you actually intend to establish your presence into the mind of your potential customers.

Many URL seems confusing with different long URL links and not user-friendly links that do not even enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your brand keywords when searches are made online for it.  So It helps to promote brand awareness.

Secondly, though you may change the facial look of the URL it will still redirect the request to be actual main page of the social media channels as set up. This means that you are basically still using your main social media channels URL at the backend whilst people will click on the rebranded URL at the front ends


First you must have created the Social Media Channels already and copy their links as auto-generated by the social media platforms on each account created.

Secondly You must have created your website, the tutorial I did on this was on WordPress Plugin.

The steps are easy:



  1. On Your WordPress Dashboard go to your Plugin
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Then Search for Page Links To
  4. Install and Activate

5. Then go to your page to create a new page (Click on Add New)

6. Give your new Page a title (your Social Media name)

7. Scroll down to the end of the page to: Page Links to

8. Then enter the main Social Media link and publish

Check Out My Tutorial on this 

These Links active but not on-click enabled


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