How I Got My First 50 YouTube Subscribers; No 3 Made Most of It

How I Got My First 50 YouTube Subscribers; No 3 Made Most of It

They say “A journey of thousand miles starts with a step”. Though the requirement for YouTube Monetization program also tallies with having 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, the journey continues.

First, I will like to appreciate those who have joined my community and we are scaling results together in the Web-Based Marketing Solution Niche. Take a time out to see how we are adding values to the skills and sharing useful tips in Web-Based Marketing.

At 50 subscribers, I have uploaded more than 30 videos and we keep uploading videos, series and answering questions from subscribers, friends and members of our newly created community.

Let me share some tips on how I got my 50 subscribers in this channel:

  1. Start Now

Before starting my channel, I was skeptical about the looks, tools, expertise, content, audio etc all these made me feel like, I cannot do anything, it is not, never, going to worth any value, I really cannot even make any progress. So I had delays, pessimistic and fear of unknown but I had to watch some videos on Mindset, YouTube Influencers all saying start now. Upload the first and don’t make it the last, see it as adding values no matter how little, everybody starts someday, somehow. So I told myself, well I have basic skills, sound grasp of the field as web developer, with training on Facebook and Google Marketing.

So I started with Facebook for Business Series now we already have more than Thirty Three Videos all thanks to encouraging comments and feed backs from friends. Then I picked up the next tip

2. Keep Creating because they are Digital Assets

The more you are willing to perform more, the better and easier the task will be. I keep creating videos on tutorials and how to, which makes it easier for me because I will have to do more research and improve my tech know-how. This in itself, is practicing what you do which makes you better at it, while adding value to your community you are also adding value to yourself.

The more you invest your time and energy to study, improve and create contents the more digital assets you have, by this, I mean assets that are valuable and at the long run will add to the overall value in terms of watch time and some metrics. So create more…

3. Social Share (Automation)

This actually helped a lot because no one knows me and the competition is high then I do not even have the YouTube creator’s expensive tools so I realized starting with this organic effort helped immensely I basically follow these steps:

  • I have already connected my Website blog with my Social Media Channels; Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter so once I upload a video on to my YouTube Channel, sometimes I also upload such video to my Instagram IGTV but most importantly  I do put up some articles unto my blog which automatically share to my Social Media Channels using WordPress Jetpack Social Sharing Tool, this automation increases traffics for my blogs, YouTube and makes my participation on my social media channels active.

Comment below if you want me to do a video showing how to link up your Social Media Channels

The last tip I have is:

4. Call to Action

By this I mean the closing task you want your viewers to do, such as asking them to like, comment, place thumbs up, share to their friends and most importantly to subscribe with turning on the notification button if they are visitors.


If you find the content useful, feel free to share and join my YouTube Channel to grab some valuable guides

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