Five (5) Proven High Valued Skills – Not a Degree

Five (5) Proven High Valued Skills - Not a Degree

Skills are basic solutions that may be developed by anyone and are most valuable to whoever possess it. You may just see skills as knowledge, wisdom, and practices that worth value because having such skills solve problems and address some valuable needs. Skills can be brought to any community in exchange for some other values such as money, properties, assets etc. 

The basic skill everybody and anybody needs is survival skills; such as basic communication, interaction, and skills that can enable you to be independent as human.

However, to possess wealth and be financially independent you will need to have high placed value skills that once you possess such skills by learning and practicing it proficiently, you will be availing yourself much more monetary value whereby even if you spend to support yourself from such wealth you will have left balance to start growing wealth.

Youths need to appreciate the age of information whereby there is no skill at all that you will not find knowledge available for it via the internet, you can learn and improve yourself via reading books or attending webinars even live events are much more at ease outside the school environment. 

Here are Five Proven High Valued Skills and not a Degree.

What I meant by saying not a degree is that you can definitely possess proficiency in any or all of these five skills without having a single degree qualification yet they are proven to be highly valued because people will definitely pay you to render such skills as services.

  1. Copywriting 
  2. Web development 
  3. Digital marketing 
  4. Cryptocurrency Trading 
  5. Public Speaking


Simply put, copywriting is salesmanship in print, writing a sales copy for businesses that convert due to the power of persuasion which influences people to become a customer. 

This is a basic communication skill but directed to business, salesmanship, product awareness or customer acquisition and retention.

This skill can be learnt without a degree qualification and once you can write copies, then “you can write copies”. Businesses will always prefer to have someone who is proficient in a skill to actually give his best services. 

For this service, you may leverage online platforms to get more customers such as Fiverr etc 

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Web Development

With basic HTML, CSS and Introduction to JavaScript you can become a Web Designer and You may need to pick one or more Backend Programming Languages such as Python, JavaScript, Php etc 

These skills only require your Laptop and Phone (Internet Access), In fact, most of the web development project are also available in CMS (Content Management System) solutions where you have a drag and drop complete solution with the use of WordPress, Joomla, Magneto etc 

Learning these skills only require individual commitment and are valuable in this current global village Eco-system

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Digital Marketing 

This is also marketing in a digital form whether with the use of Website, Social Media Channels, Email, Mobile Chats and Messenger to generate potential customers and Sales optimization. All these can be done via your Laptop and Internet connection 

Interestingly, most of these solutions are highly needed in our day to day businesses and business owners are willing to pay a premium to have their sales increase and grow 

It is usually a win-win situation. 

I have personally put together a complete guide (step by step) solution to Mastering Facebook for Business 

This guide will show you how to leverage and optimize Facebook as a Marketing tools to reach out to your potential customers and Improve your businesses or client businesses. 

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Cryptocurrency Trading 

Cryptocurrency is another digital solution in the Financial Technology Ecosystem where development of currency grows from fiat (coin, paper, cowries etc) to digital (crypto).

Cryptocurrency is not new on a global scale though some people see it as “Get Rich Quick” scheme or business which is not true and fair. 

In cryptocurrencies, just like any other currencies you know: you may earn it via rendering services and receiving in crypto currency or exchanging your fiat currency with crypto currencies (trading) or Mining crypto currencies with mining companies.  

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Public Speaking 

Public speaking, Motivational Talks, Counseling, Master of Ceremonies etc are skills that involve communicating, persuading, motivating and sustaining the interest of the audience to achieve the goal of such occasion

Such skills can be developed and practiced within a small group until one becomes a master at it and then takes it to address a larger population, or highly executive people and earn more income from exchanging such skill set to the marketplace. 

There are various niches even in public speaking and you may enroll yourself with an online course, group session or simply follow a mentor to grab such valuable skill. 

There are more proven skills in the market place that are valuable and highly profitable; Blogging, YouTuber, Vlogging etc, Business Development, kindly mention any other skills you know that may benefit the youths 


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