Business Start Ups vs. Whogohost; See the missing links filled

Business Start Ups vs. Whogohost; See the missing links filled

Most small businesses have found relief on various ridiculous shared hosting packages offered by Whogohost which is still by far the leading local based yet international hosting company in Nigeria whose services include among others domain registrations, hosting packages, Clouds packages etc…

 Most young start ups in various niches need to come online, leveraging the digital tools to promote their businesses; services, products now find some sort of relief by obtaining Whogohost packages. Check out my tutorial series (Here) on setting up a complete website using Whogohost for less than N6,000 (N1,200/yr for 2nd level domain) and 2gb Hard Disk space with limited bandwidth for N4,000 one year hosting package while the rest is to install WordPress and Elementor Astra Plugin to complete a fully online well designed website.

With this, you can set up your fully functional and “basically secured” (please always backup your files) websites for your start up businesses; schools, organisations, functions, events registrations etc at the basic level. You can also build your business brand with a projection to scale it up in the nearest future.

The Missing Links – Filled

Kudos to Whogohost shared hosting packages and 24/7 support, small businesses may now come online with little capital to make their businesses global. This single effort has turned several local businesses and youth’s entrepreneurship realistic, I am also a beneficiary of this effort at the start of my blogging career, and in fact I only had to subscribe for quarterly hosting plan instead of annual due to fund. Now, my blog is active, Google AdSense is confirmed and I now scale my business with some affiliate funds and other marketing incomes. 

To start:

  • Check out this tutorial and Feel free to ask me any help on your website development.
  • Simply click here to Whogohost
  • Search for your domain name (use either first or second level domain registration)
  • Pick a hosting package
  • Fill in all details and make your payment (make sure your email address is active and correct) because that is the most important source of connection to receiving your server login details and the only way to open customer support on your products.

Bit of Advice

It is easy to create an account and pay for domain and hosting, thank God for Whogohost, please note that this may be similar to building a house. It is easy to just go to the seller and ask for a plot of land, then pay at the cheapest price. But that does not necessarily mean that you can build your house or design the website completely yourself. 

Now the missing link filled!

In this case, we can help you via two methods:

  1. Learn and DIY (Do it yourself): I do tutorials on Web Based Marketing Solutions and upload videos at request of anyone unto my YouTube channel guiding you on how or what tool you can use to get that result, the videos are free, make sure you subscribe, turn on the notification button and send your comment or request from my videos stating what you want to design, we will surely walk you through by uploading a video to guide you on that niche)
  2. Let’s Build for You: I have a team of web site developers and we can complete your project in no time, at an average cost. Let’s Chat

Attention Please!

Note, not all start up businesses can rely on shared hosting to start maybe due to limited available space for contents, functionalities, and bandwidth required. However, consider your documentation but let’s start to scale.

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