About Me

Welcome To My Marketing Solutions

I build Web-Based Marketing Solutions for Businesses; which includes: Setting up Websites, Ecommerce Store, with all needed Social Media Channels and Integration of Email Solutions to Lead Generation and Sales  

Who Am I

Fetuga Mojeed Olalekan, A Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Business Consultant, Blogger, YouTuber

My Mission

Help Business Build Their Marketing Solution to Drive More Sales 

What I Do

Build and Manage Web-based Marketing Solutions for Businesses.

My History

For more than a decade, I have been coding and working on user end applications such as desktop publishing solutions, while in 2018 I enrolled for Facebook for Business Course which exposed my skill set to Marketing, then I picked up Google A Cert Thon course to improve the marketing values. I have been working and delivering values, sales and leads to my clients.

Our 6-D Process


Where are You in your business? 

What have you got? Products or Service 

How many customers do you have?


How many customers do you want (per month)?

How many sales do you want to generate? 

What tools do you have currently?


Do you have an optimized website?

Have you created your sales funnel?

How many contents can you create per week?


Have you set up your solutions?

Have you develop any follow up process?

What are the re marketing plans available?


Will you like to test the organic growth for first 3 months?

Are you getting data from your paid campaigns?



Are you analyzing the results?

Are you breaking even on your marketing capital?

Are you satisfied with your results?

Why Work with Me?

Professional Customization Website Design and Easy User Interface

Supporting my clients is my service so we do our work 

Getting our clients more customers and sales with valued satisfaction are our desired objectives

I work with professionals team members to give customers all valuable services.

I am testing various strategies and building proven solutions for clients

Programmers, Content Developers, Marketers and Sales Closers 

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
Lines Of Code