5 Simple Strategies to Starting Digital Marketing Agency

5 Simple Strategies to Starting Digital Marketing Agency

One of the easy to set up online businesses that can sustain itself is starting a digital marketing Agency in any high ticket business. Digital Marketing Agency is also known as Social Media Marketing Agency or Web-Based Marketing Solution.

Some agencies even pick a traffic source as a given niche such as Facebook Agency, Google Business, CRM Solution, E-mail Automation, Sale Funnel Automation, AutoFunnel Solution, etc

As the modern world is a concern, bringing your business or another person’s (client) online has never been easier than before. This is because the basic requirements are available and affordable in this era. The five strategies necessary in starting a Digital Marketing Agency will be discussed in brief;

  1. Registration
  2. State a clear objective:

Traffic generation, sales conversion, lead generation

  1. Build a funnel
  2. Generate traffics
  3. Optimize your conversion model

There basic skills that must be acquired prior to starting agency in order to successfully bring value to any other clients such as knowing some tools like IoT (Internet of all Things); Website, Email, Social Media Channels, Mobile tools, Traffic Generation tools are skills one should possess average or get a team with such knowledge.

Website: Basic Domain registration and hosting process, or even how to install CMS (content Management system) such as WordPress is enough to fill this requirement.

Email: setting up an email campaign, autoresponders and building an email list for remarketing is a necessary step that one must have a fair grip of, email solutions either self-hosted emails such as Hulks Solution or third party solutions, such as MailChimp, Getresponse, Aweber, etc are good tools to know

Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp are channels each of which has unique features in terms of user-friendly and marketing tools

Mobile Tools: various solutions like MobileMonkey, ManyChats, WhatsApp Business and many more are mobile user-friendly with a good level of conversion.

Traffic Generation Tools: basically I will mention just two namely; Facebook Ads and Google Ads (YouTube, Search, and Display) are key.

  1. Registration: I mean registration of CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission). This is very important most especially if you have been using these tools for your own business (products and services) and you intend to take the business up as an agency, it gives you some benefits such as business verification and credibility in the presence of your potential client.
  2. State a Clear Objective: understanding your potential client is important to be able to render valuable services to them. However, some start agencies do not state their objectives clear, what exact solution do we offer? Who are our potential clients and at what level do we conclude certain valuable services?

Sometimes you may take up a new client on lead generation objective but then when your discussions and interactions get well established, you may end up seeing yourself developing a website, mobile application or even writing sales copy… lol. Then the whole added valued services make one not-well defined objective made the job harder to take.

  1. Build a Funnel: A digital marketing agency valued solution is helping your clients to set up and build sales funnel. A sales funnel is simply a process or list of activities that your driven traffic goes through to optimize for sales.

A funnel can end at lead generating (just building a landing page and email list), it can also be driving up to a sales page a simple example is Getresponse Autofunnel, other examples are click funnels, lead pages, etc

  1. Generate Traffics: The key value is to understand how to leverage traffic sources to generate both organic and paid traffics for your clients. Organic traffics are free traffic sources such as social media channels, forums, blogs, etc while they are also good traffic sources they may require active engagements from your clients. Paid ads are quickest to get the results basically Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the main sources.
  2. Optimize your conversion model: Once you start a business objective, set up your tools and run paid traffic, then all you need to work on is your optimization (evaluating the result, against your stated objective and money spent) to decide whether your campaign (endeavor) is profitable for your client or not. If it is profitable you then scale it up otherwise you stop the campaign and either redesign your model or develop another one entirely.

Please note, digital marketing is simply leveraging online tools, it is NEVER, a hundred percent assured that anyone who sees your ads (a sales page) will insert his / her money immediately and purchase your product or service. However, if you build a funnel, or generate a lead maybe in the next few days, months, even years those who have taken the time to study your results will end up following you up with a sale.

Your Agency leads generated is as important to your development, likewise, your client list is important to theirs.


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