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Servers are online storage facilities provided to keep all web files, documents, applications, solutions, for global accessibility around the clock with secure layers of protections for its users and audiences.

Although there are many factors in building an online web solutions such as websites:

Introducing Contabo

In the spring of 2003, when we set up our own hosting company which is specialized in webspace packages and dedicated servers, people from all quarters generally dismissed our idea as a hopeless venture. At that time the market was already saturated with hundreds of similar companies in Germany alone. It would apparently be impossible for us to compete with established companies that had already become global giants with thousands of servers and even more customers.

Contrary to the skeptics’ and pessimists’ forecasts, Contabo – which still was called Giga-International at that time – has itself steadily expanded, step by step, over the last 36 months to a size that now ranks among those large-scale companies once described as “untouchables” – thanks to our customers. Over the first 36 months our products, associated services and in-house one-to-one service generated so much publicity and interest that today thousands of customers world-wide are renting webspace and their own servers at Contabo. When we started up, we had just one single server in the data center. Today, we are already on the threshold of exceeding 5000 servers – and our business is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.

In 2009, we established a new data center with enough room for more than 4000 servers in Munich, which is our traditional place of business. This has been done in order to face the growing demand in colocation and dedicated servers and to reach an even higher quality of service. The same building also contains our office rooms which enable us to deliver excellent support, 365 days a year (also on holidays and weekends).

At the beginning of 2013, we changed our company name. “Giga-International”, the name used until then, was replaced by “Contabo” which is not only considerably shorter, but at the same time even more catchy. The new company name Contabo GmbH is nothing but a continuance of our previous company name. The company as a legal entity remained likewise unchanged as the top quality service level to the benefit of our customers. Since that time we are available for our German customers under Contabo.de and for our international clients by using Contabo.com.

In order to meet the increasing demand for our hosting services, we have launched our second data center in Nuremberg in 2014. This new data center offers enough space for another 10.000 servers on 1.700 m² data floor and 700 m² office and service premises. Of course, also this new data center is exclusively operated by us and we are optimising the infrastructure continuously in order to ensure a stable and energy efficient operation. As a matter of fact both data centers are manned by our IT professionals 365 days a year, also on holidays and weekends

1. Contabo is an official “Certified Provider” – fair provider, guaranteed service!

Contabo is scrutinized for its quality and service from “webhostlist.de”, one of Germany’s leading testers for hosting companies. Contabo got the official title of “Certified Provider” which only the fairest and most reliable hosting providers are awarded. Webhostlist.de defines a provider that may hold this award as follows:


“No chance for black sheep! With this slogan, WebHostlist brings more light to Germany’s jungle of more than 2,000 different providers. In line with our promotion “Tested Providers – Fair Providers – Guaranteed Service”, certain providers have been especially highlighted in our list. These providers…

… have demonstrated that they are legitimate businesses by submitting their official registration documents (trading license, an excerpt from the commercial register, etc.).
… undertake to offer you, as a visitor to the WebHostlist, the products, and services shown in our online list.
… have committed themselves to transparent pricing for their products and services so that the price you see here in the WebHostlist is the price you pay.
… agree to WebHostlist providing arbitration in disputes.

What does this mean for you? It is primarily a guarantee that you have found a professional provider that gives priority to customer service and allows you to seek a solution under the auspices of WebHostlist should problems arise.”

2. Contabo Hosting: Flexible Packages with basics and benefits

Contabo offers various Server Hosting and Domain Registration packages, to suit every website requirement or your preferred solutions.

Contabo WebHosting:

There is no setup fee with any of their services and all of their services come with Award-Winning support (available 365 days of the year).  Their hosting packages also offer a cPanel to administer your website, a homepage builder kit and unlimited traffic, as standard.

Below is an overview of the hosting services that they provide.

  • Webspace Package M:  This is an amazing starter package with a free domain, 50.00 GB of storage, SSL certificate, 20 MySQL databases, 1000 email address’, a host of additional one-click additional features.
  • Webspace Package L:  With 2 free domains, 100.00 GB of storage, SSL certificates, 50 MySQL databases, 2000 email address’, a host of additional one-click additional features.
  • Webspace Package XL: 3 free domains, 250.00 GB of storage, SSL certificates, 1000 MySQL databases, 5000 email address’, a host of additional one-click additional features.
  • Webspace Package XXL: 5 free domains, 500.00 GB of storage, SSL certificates, Unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited email address’, Unlimited FTP accounts.  As well as a host of additional one-click additional features.

3. Highly Affordable Virtual Private Servers 

Once again our technicians have been working hard to improve the price-performance ratio of our popular virtual private servers (VPS). Although thousands of customers worldwide already trust in our services and rent virtual servers from Contabo, we do not rest on our laurels.
There’s still this one goal. We simply want to be the best.

The result of our improvements: more performance, even more reliable servers – at a monthly price that is unbeatable on the hosting market.

Contabo Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – now more performance for even less money!

1 CPU Core, 3.2 GHz
4 GB RAM (guaranteed)
200 GB HDD
100 Mbps switch port
Unlimited Traffic
Only 7.99 EUR / month!
Setup fee starting with 0.00 EUR!

2 CPU Cores, 3.2 GHz
8 GB RAM (guaranteed)
400 GB HDD
100 Mbps switch port
Unlimited Traffic
only 13.99 EUR / month!
Setup fee starting with 0.00 EUR!

6 CPU Cores, 3.2 GHz
16 GB RAM (guaranteed)
800 GB HDD
100 Mbps switch port
Unlimited Traffic
Only 24.99 EUR / month!
Setup fee starting with 0.00 EUR!

Highspeed-support, high-end systems, lowest prices: What are you waiting for? Get your new VPS now!

4. Contabo Introduces New Data Center Location in the United States

 launch of our third data center, located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA!

USA was by far the most frequently requested location. We’ve heard you and we’ve delivered. From now on, you can enjoy the same made-in-Germany quality we are known for not only in our 2 EU locations, but also in the brand-new location in the United States.

Current Contabo Data Center Locations

5. Made in Germany, Located in the USA

Our new location has been established with the same care and attention to detail as our EU locations. US Location is equipped with two 10 Gbit/s uplinks, redundant power and cooling. We have our own employees on the ground in St. Louis. Even the head of our US team is German! We use the same hardware and software to ensure a consistent experience in the new US location. It feels like yet another server room in Munich or Nuremberg, but on the other side of the pond. Interested in testing your ping? Contact our support team.

All Key Services Offered

Starting today you can choose from our best-selling VPS SSD series as well as 10-Core and Dual 10-Core Dedicated Servers in our US Location. Order them directly through our website and indicate the desired location during the order process. Right now, our services are priced in EUR only, but we are working on changing that – stay tuned!

Select your favorite location in our order process

Great Prices

We keep the same base price for all our services in both EU and US locations. At the same time, we are introducing a Location Fee for our US location as the operating costs in the US (including electricity, cooling and data center floor) are higher. The Location Fee depends on the service you order:

  • VPS S SSD: +1 EUR / month
  • VPS M SSD: +2 EUR / month
  • VPS L SSD: +3 EUR / month
  • VPS XL SSD: +6 EUR / month
  • Dedicated Server 10-core: +20 EUR / month

For example, the price for VPS S SSD in US Location is 4.99 EUR + 1 EUR Location Fee, which is roughly 6.55 USD per month for 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, and 200 GB SSD disk space.

Unlimited Traffic

Yes, on besides our German standards and unrivaled prices we are also going to keep our current bandwidth policy in our US Location, which makes us one of the few providers to offer unlimited bandwidth.

Server room in our new data center location in St. Louis

Migration Possible

In case you currently operate servers in our EU locations and wish to migrate to our brand-new US location we are happy to assist you. Please contact their customer support to clarify the details.
With the new location, you will be able to serve your US customers even better than before. Keep us posted on what else we can do to keep you successful!

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