5 Must Have Questions In A Sales Letter – Must Know

5 Must Have Questions In A Sales Letter - Must Know

People have included all kinds of sales pitch in their sales letter but sometimes still wouldn’t achieve the results they want. The importance of a sales letter is likened to having a shop to sell cars. If the looks of your shop isn’t delivering a good impression, no one will be going to buy your cars.

Thus, you must make sure that your sales letter have answers to the most basic questions, and instil interest in your visitors towards your product just with these five specific questions:

  1. What’s in it for me?

The number one rule of salesmanship –understand these basic facts; emotion and reason;

People buy based on emotion but justify it with reason. There is a need, fear of losing something valuable, or to satisfy ones interest etc while people may justify with reason, which may be the results from a product, what they will receive out of it. To achieve this, you must be quick in catching their attention since the beginning with your headline. Create a very convincing headline and tell your visitors what they will get in one shot through your headline.

  1. How will my life be better?

This is where you have to understand the emotional appeals that attract your prospects like moths to a flame. Do they want to become richer, smarter, better looking, thinner or more popular? Do they want to save time, money or effort? Understanding the emotional state or interest of your clients gives you the leverage to persuade and this enhances the chances of closing your deals fast.

Study your niche market until you know what emotional buttons to push and you’ll see a huge increase in your sales instantly. Use their desires to attract themselves, that’s where you will get them nodding their heads and continue reading right until the end. Make sure to study the body language (psychological state of their outward disposition).

  1. Why should I trust you?

People are sceptical when it requires them to take out their wallets in order to buy a certain product. You need to clear their doubts by providing positive testimonials from your previous customers and emphasize the benefits of your product.

If you don’t have testimonials for your product, search for forums related to your niche and offer to give a complimentary copy in exchange for a testimonial – usually you will get a hot response in no time.

Trust is a powerful tool that may take years to build but minutes to lose, so note carefully what you offer and make sure you deliver. Trust has a lot to do with your integrity and the name which is appreciated by the value you deliver on every promise made on your sales letter. This can also improve the scale of your marketing if you actually deliver the value that you promise to the market place.

  1. What will happen if I say no?

Understand that NO means “a feedback given due to reason(s) not yet identified”. If you cannot identify the reason, you have not even identified the major problem. It is your first duty to identify the facial problem, hidden problem then solve the puzzle to enable you to get the job or sell the product to actually then solve the client’s real problem.

You are not going to let them say no, that’s it. Search the emotion and push the button then let the client justify with reason. Remind them about the problems that they are having, the frustrations, how much money will they lose, or how sad their lives are currently – and tell them how they can change all of these in one shot, just by a small investment in your product.

  1. Will I be stuck with your product?

This is where you seal the deal. Tell them that you provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they must get it now. The most important thing is to make them buy, and the rest depends on their choices. 70% of the people who purchase a product will not refund it unless they have seen something similar before or they’ve planned to only “borrow” it since the beginning.

When you have all these points to answer your prospects’ questions in your sales letter, not only will you gain an unfair advantage over your competition but also let your prospect know that you care about their problems and you have the solution that they need.

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