5 Benefits of Mobile Marketing in 2019

5 Benefits of Mobile Marketing in 2019

Increasing growth of Mobile Users across the globe as against the PC (Personal Computer system) Users is really a point of concern to the Digital Marketers, Producers and Marketing Eco-system in general.

Mobile users are currently assessing the internet and other major digital solutions with their mobile devices anywhere and everywhere they may be. To book for taxi, order products or services are now conveniently done via your mobile devices options with opportunities to interact with virtually major software solutions via Android, Iphone OS, and Windows etc

Look for your potential clients where they are
This is not a negotiable term, searching for clients but derailing off course is just a sheer waste of time, resources, funds and result because one thing is clear, even when you find your potential customers, you then have a lot to do on influencing, persuading and convincing them to become your audience, have engagements with you and convince them to purchase your products or services. So you then have no time to waste, but first identify where they are and focus your limited resources to get them.

Developers in Marketing have used social media to show us where and how your potential clients relate and behave online; their location, behaviour, level of engagements (whether they are engaged shoppers or not) Ie Engaged shoppers are those who have purchased an item or paid for a service online or not; their demographics and other valuable information (data) about your potential clients.

There are different mobile marketing solutions out there; Facebook Messenger, MobileMonkey, Manychat, Whats Helper etc

However, In this article I will centre on one particular mobile marketing solution which is mobilemonkey because it is currently the fastest growing Mobile Marketing Solution which is Officially Partner with Facebook Messenger 

5 Benefits of Mobile Marketing in 2019

  1. Chat Blasting:

This implies the ability to send notifications, updates and promos with Mobile Monkey in Facebook Messenger with 80% open rates by your potential clients.

  1. Grow Your Contact List

This is the details of your potential clients where you have already built-lead magnets including scan codes, landing pages, buttons and checkboxes that grab and store list of your potential clients at a single click

  1. Segment your Audience

Your List (Audience) can also be segmented; those who just added to cart, checked out or just clicked on the products and left, those who engaged with you or not etc. You may tag people and segment in demographic and interest based audience

  1. Create Conversion Funnels

You can easily create a lead- qualifying user flows with app integrations and conversion tracking. Check out my tutorial on this here

  1. Leverage AI for User Intent

AI (Artificial Intelligence) matches Facebook bot content to user intent via keywords and interactions.

Check Out My Videos On Mobile Monkey Here

Here are views of top marketers on Mobile Marketing especially via Mobile Monkey

  1. Facebook organic has drastically decreased over the years but adding MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots is the one thing you’ll do this year that will drive the most engagement. It amplifies your Facebook advertising, content reach and customer service. Put these monkeys to work for you ASAP – NEIL PATEL
  2. Facebook Messenger Marketing with MobileMonkey is a must for Facebook advertisers. Marketers at companies of all sizes can leverage the cutting-edge technology of chat-blasting and chatbots. But here’s the real secret. MobileMonkey makes it easy. And it’s free. –MARI SMITH
  3. Facebook has the right audience for any brand, but very few companies succeeded — until now. MobileMonkey makes Facebook marketing fun, easy and very efficient. The software optimizes customer service and creates an amazing alternative to newsletters — and all this on the platform that is a No. 1 app on the phones of millions. – OLGA ANDRIENKO
  4. Digital marketers who are always looking for a competitive edge and get excited by technology that helps business scale are going to want to get started with MobileMonkey’s AI chatbot and automation immediately. – BRIAN DEAN
  5. I am super grateful for the MobileMonkey team because they took the Facebook bot funnel we use at Eight Loop Social to effectively segment out our ideal agency clientele and templated it so you can put it into your own accounts and run with it. – CAT HOWELL

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