3 Secret Questions Entrepreneurs Must Answer

3 Secret Questions Entrepreneurs Must Answer

Surprisingly, even January is now 5th – Five days have gone. 

So, I write to gear you up with these secret questions;

But first, let’s be cleared on some fundamental issues. We all need something valuable. 

Maybe money, time, health, happiness, fame, etc

You, <> and I both need something definitely valuable to us. 

Let’s take Wealth for instance;

To have wealth you definitely have to exchange something of wealth value. 

If you want to make One Million Naira Now (N1,000,000)  all you have to do is sell a product or service of such value. 

Let’s say
You sell 1 property for a Million Naira 
or you sell 10 products for N100,000 Naira
even you may sell 100 products for N10,000 

At any instance, you all have to exchange something valuable to someone who also has what is valuable to you (wealth)

Now my secret questions: 
1. Do you have any wealth valuable skill <>?  
Please note, I did not say JOB, I mentioned skillset that you can bring to the market place for monetary exchange and that is highly valuable.

I expect your answer to be YES, and a convincing one for that matter 

You may wonder, what are valuable skills?

 Valuable skillsets are daily to daily highly needed skills that people pay a premium for. We are in Technological Age, Information Age. New skills like Digital Marketing, Software Developing, Public Speaking, Alternative Power, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Natural/Organic Therapy, etc are needed skillsets in our daily life. 

Please note, some of these skill sets you may not even learn them from school. (such is Life) 

 If NO, this will be a very good time to pick up a skill, practice such skill for a good practical period and take the second question whenever you are ready 

If you have a valuable skillset, then the next question is; Do you have a marketing strategy,?

Without doubt, most entrepreneurs lack greatly in this aspect, marketing 
either traditional (door to door)  or digital (website, social media, email, ads) marketing.

This is a secret that must be unlocked by everyone for their businesses. marketing is necessary to sustain and grow your business.

The third question that unlocks the success of the above mentioned two questions is 

Are you a Closer? 
Closing simply means a persistence salesperson who makes sales on a frequent basis.

Closing skills is the ultimate factor that brings a successful conclusion to these three factors; Skillset, Marketing, and Closing 

To have either of these three will not produce any positive result, but they MUST synergies into your daily activity to produce the desired result. 

Which of the three questions (factors) will you like to address in this 2020 and what plans have you prepared for it?

I am willing to help you improve number 2 (marketing) and probably 3 (Closing) if you already have number 1 (Valuable Skill)

All you have to do is reply this mail or chat me up via +2348107162408 
You can just click the WhatsApp Chat Link Here 

Take Action Today

Fetuga Mojeed Olalekan 

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