10 Strategies to Increase Viewers and Engagements on YouTube

10 tips to increase engagement on your Youtube Channel

YouTube has turned to be a very important strategy in both socio-moral and business growth because you’re showing your values in reality and not “behind the keyboard”, leveraging a tool which has the potential to reach out to billions of people across the globe and even change the current trends on social media, yet, it is sufficient enough to be a good source of income to manage its activities and empower the content creators.

I wrote this article to support HalTVAfrica as I see their efforts for the past 3 years on educating the faithfuls.

However, the lessons can definitely be used across all channels most especially my own channel. I am into Web Based Marketing Solutions and have done video tutorials on my niche, feel free to subscribe and turn on the notification button.

  1. Presenters Pick Your Niche

Being an Islamic TV is good and seriously encouraged however, I will like to encourage that presenters should pick a niche, this helps the presenter, producer, creator to see it as a challenge on what to do in order to make his/her playlist grow, able to engage with his/her audience and will be able to fully interact with the community.

  1. Duration of Uploads

It helps a great deal to let your audience know when the next upload (event) will be coming up, some audience will schedule their time just to pick up the latest from the channel.

  1. Pick Series and Set objective

Series will enable continuation of effort from the content creator’s end while the audience will be expecting more of the sweet pie episode they just got. If the objective of the given series is set ie (well depending on the niche) story of prophet Ibrahim for example and at the end of the series there is an online quiz question with some free prizes (gifts) such as featuring the best in some upcoming episodes or receiving material gifts etc. This will definitely encourage active participation and increase the views online.

4. Put your community into Action

This is important, when a community is tasked they response, when a member of the community understands that task ahead you will see activities which will help the algorithm to make the video trending. Tasks like asking the audience their opinion, to share, subscribe likes (thumbs up) or comment their views. You may also request certain task check out previous videos etc

5. Notification bells (not turned on)

Some people actually subscribed to this channel but they did not turn on the notification button or even turned on selected notification and not all. So, you will see list of subscribers but they will not receive notification on any of the subsequent uploads. This turns off the whole effort as they will not be able to follow up the events. Also you should include subscribe now icon at the bottom right of the video maybe towards the end of the event.

6. Build e-Mail/Mobile list

The source of engagement should not only be via the Youtube channel alone, E-mail list or Mobile Subscriber’s list such as MobileMonkey goes a long way to increase awareness to reach out and improve engagement on the channel.

As the Youtube itself has tools to enhance audience retention, we should also enhance it with mobile/email list of our audience by reminding them of the latest updates.

This, however, should be done with caution, because once the channel starts sending mails on every video made, some people may see it as disturbing.

7. Offer collaborations

This is very important, because if you offer collaborations, you both end up growing your channels together; this would also encourage so many people to be active on the channel. Sometimes, collaboration maybe with a channel that has so much audience goes a long way to enhance activity. You may also accept collaborations from others, just like team work: Together Every One Achieves More

8. Use of links

Links, within the descriptions to previous videos or other channels or website, blogs etc I do embed some videos into my blog post to also drive views from such channels, your website may have vlogs. And I strongly recommend you should add Facebook Pixel into your website to be able to track your visitors for maximum re-marketing

9. Run Community events

The community events increases varieties on the channel, because the environment will be different from a studio and brings memories to the viewers which can also be used as engagement for any forthcoming such as: Which personality will you like us to bring? Which location will like us to use?

Let the community decide, definitely you can always suggest too since you are also part of the community.

10. Organisation collaboration

Some organisations are also coming up with good events that one can collaborate together, these organisations have audience and they can benefit from your contents while your audience may also benefit from theirs.


The primarily aim of the 10 points above is The Audience (Community) and how the channel can increase engagement with her community to bring out the best values. As much as I encourage organic growth please do not forget that via paid campaigns you can always grow the subscribers too.



Thanks and God Bless.

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